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Advisory Services
IAM Advisory Services



We help you succeed by understanding the risks, defining an end-state Identity and Access Management solution architecture, and prioritizing the feature releases based on risk and business needs.

Threat and Risk Assessment

Threat and Risk assessment is one of many features with IAMTEAM's IAM Advisory Services. We help you uncover the threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your business and define an IAM solution that helps mitigate the risks. 

Analyzing Graphs
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Identity and Access Discovery

IAMTEAM's IAM Advisory Services will help you determine who has access to what, who are the privileged users, and what systems are at risk.


IAM Advisory Services

Business Requirements

As part of our advisory service, an experienced team of IAM experts will help gather, analyze, and prioritize your Identity and Access business requirements. In addition to documenting use cases to illustrate the "to-be" processes.​​​

Solution Architecture

IAMTEAM's IAM advisory service will help you define a target state IAM architecture that aligns with your enterprise vision and plans, meets your business requirements, and helps mitigate your security risks. 


IAM Strategy & Roadmap

Leverage our years of experience in deploying IAM solutions to minimize your project risks and costs in implementing your own IAM solution with IAMTEAM's advisory service.  We'll help you define:  


  • An IAM Strategy, that outlines your approach in reaching your goals, with IAM intiatives aligned with your business priorities.

  • An IAM Roadmap, that describes the progressive releases to meet your tactical and strategic business needs. 

Technology Demo

If you want to see how it all works, we can setup a free product demonstration of an IAM technology of your choice. 


IAM Advisory Services

Proof of Concept

Our IAM advisory services offer a Proof of Concept (PoC). For a limited time, we can install and configure a fully functional IAM system in your environment so you can "test drive" it and validate that the technology meets your needs. 

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