Privileged Access Management



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What You Need To Know About

Privileged Access

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access are powerful, administrative, or super-user permissions assigned to people, applications, and things in order to gain full control of data and  information  systems. 

Privileged Access Management

Cyber attackers will always aim for privileged credentials because these accounts will give them unlimited and powerful access to your assets, with abilities to traverse and hide their tracks. 

Privileged Access Management

A Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution controls the use and distribution of privileged accounts, assigning least privilege and ensuring  accountability throughout its use.

Privileged Access Management

It Only Takes One

All it takes is one accidental or intentional misuse of a powerful account to cause catastrophic damage to a business.  


of security breaches involve privileged credentials

The Sony Pictures attack in 2015 was carried out through a set of stolen ADMINISTRATOR  credentials; a privileged account providing a golden gateway of unfettered access to employee records, unreleased films, intellectual property, email conversations and other sensitive data - CNN



is the global average cost of a data breach

In 2020, healhcare had the highest data breach costs at $7.13 M

The average cost per lost or stolen record in a data breach is $146

One compromised privileged account introduced security breach affecting

80 million customers

at Anthem in 2015



is the median number of days that threat groups were present on a victim’s network before detection

The largest insider attack cost Boeing $2 BILLION and persisted for 30 years

Longest Presence: 2,982 days


M-Trends 2015 Threat Report - Mandiant

Take Control of Privileged Access 

IAMTEAM Privileged Access Management Services allow you to take full control of privileged accounts in your IT landscape to enhance your organization's security posture, compliance capabilities, and operations efficiency.   


Control the distribution of passwords and keys through workflows


Store credentials in a safe environment protected by industry level encryption


Identify privileged accounts across your IT landscape


Eliminate the use of clear text passwords in applications.


Control and manage passwords of service and shared accounts.


Control and record privileged account activities 


Ensure that users and administrators have appropriate access to perform their tasks

Our Experience

Our experience in implementing Privileged Access Management solutions spans across multiple industries.  Here are some of our notable projects. 

Privileged Access Management
Privileged Access Management Deployment and Maintenance at a Major Canadian Bank 

IAMTEAM designed, deployed, and maintained a global Privileged Access Management infrastructure (24 x 7) to control ​the use of Broker credentials, reducing the manual manpower costs to assign appropriate level of access to a dynamic group of Brokers.

Privileged Access management
Implement Privileged Access Management as part of an Information Security Program at a Crown Corp

IAMTEAM integrated a Privileged Access Management solution with SIEM providing privileged access data analytics; improving the company's security intelligence on threat, incidents, and audit reporting.

Privileged Access Management
Shared ID Management on  Distributed Cloud Servers at at Technology Company 

To address the systemic issue on shared IDs, IAMTEAM implemented and operated a Privileged Access Management solution reducing the number of shared IDs by 90%, passing audit, and enforcing least privilege  consistently across 10,000 UNIX and Windows systems.  

How Do We Do It ? 

Our approach revolves around people, process and technology. It is based on proven techniques and best practices in implementing and managing a true Privileged Access Management solution. 


  • Discover previously unknown privileged accounts across your IT landscape

  • Onboard privileged accounts easily to be secured and managed

  • Introduce a continuous process to remain in control of privileged access


Privileged Access Management
Privileged Access Management

Manage & Audit

  • Establish workflows for obtaining privileged access

  • Securely store passwords and SSH keys in a vault with check-in and check-out functionality

  • Automatically rotate or change passwords and SSH keys

  • Keep a comprehensive audit trail of activities to create reports and demonstrate compliance

Manage & Audit

Privileged Access Management
Privileged Access Management

Secure & Protect

  • Prevent unauthorized use of privileged accounts

  • Record and monitor privileged session activity for audit and forensics

  • Enforce least privilege policies on endpoints

  • Define/enforce policies to control local privileges for endpoint users

Secure & Protect

Privileged Access Management
Privileged Access Management

Monitor & Control

  • Know exactly when, how and why your privileged accounts are being used

  • Improve endpoint security by limiting privileges for business and IT users

  • Stop malware at the endpoint

Monitor & Control

Privileged Access Management
Privileged Access Management

PAM Quick Start

The IAMTEAM Privileged Access Management Quick Start allows you to utilize an enterprise-class Privileged Access Management solution in your environment at ZERO COST.   

Privileged Access Management

What's Included

  • Trial license of IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault (formerly known as IBM Security Secret Server) for 30 days

  • Professional services to setup and configure standard product features

    • Discovery of privileged accounts in your environment 

    • Secure ​​​​Vault for passwords and secrets 

    • Check-out/in process of privileged accounts 

    • Integration with standard systems (e.g., Active Directory)

    • Built-in standard Audit reports 

  • Remote technical support ​during the trial period

IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault

About IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault

Privileged Access Management On-Premises or in the Cloud

IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault (formerly known as IBM Security Secret Server) makes it easy to identify and secure all service, application, administrator, and root accounts across your enterprise. Through continuous discovery, you’ll be able to curb privileged account sprawl and gain a full view of privileged access in your organization. Unlike traditional, more complex Privileged Access Management solutions, IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault is easy to use and fast to deploy, available both on-premises or in the cloud. Get started today with powerful password vaulting, auditing and privileged access control. With IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault, empower your security and IT ops teams to keep all types of privileged accounts safe.


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Privileged Access Management
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Privileged Access Management
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Privileged Access Management