​Streamlined Active Directory Group Management process
Risk Based Authentication
Simplified Registration and Login process



​The IT staff personnel count has decreased because of budget cuts, but the amount of work has increased. They are overloaded with AD group membership management requests. When processing group membership requests, they need to find the correct business owner and get the approval via email. The IT Staff grants group memberships with limited understanding of what is being granted, sometimes leading to unauthorized or excessive data access. Also, Security and Compliance officers are not able to efficiently audit and ensure accuracy of group membership for sensitive AD groups.


Deployed the Dell One Identity Manager Active Directory Edition (D1IM ADE) product and assigned business owners to AD groups.  D1IM ADE enables end users to request for group memberships through an IT Shop Portal.  The requests are routed for approval to the group owners who has full understanding of what the AD group is for.


By enabling the end users and group owners to manage AD group memberships, the IT staff workload has significantly decreased.  The IT staff is able to spend more time on technical tasks instead of routine tasks like AD group management.  Processing of group membership requests is faster because it is granted as soon as the owner approves the request, and at the same time, more accurate because the request is always routed to correct group owner for approval.  Security and Compliance officers are able to schedule regular attestation campaigns for sensitive AD groups as well as review the history of all requests in the IT Shop Portal.