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Gain the benefits of an effective
Privilege Management Solution
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The Challenge

In today’s business reality of a world filled with hybrid multicloud environment and agile workforce, traditional attitude towards security is no longer effective. The data center is no longer the control point that it used to be. Applications can be on-premise or on the cloud. Users can be in the office or at home. Data is everywhere, and with 80% of security breaches involve privilege credentials, privileged credentials used to access these data should be protected all threats sources, be it internal or external.  

The Solution

The best solution businesses can implement is a solution that combines strict management of privileged credentials, as well as clear visibility and control of endpoints. A solution that can protect all privileged credentials, even those that are unknown, and monitor their usage. A solution that also discovers applications in end-points and define policies for their usage.

Our Expertise

IAMTEAM has a wealth of experience in implementing IAM Solutions to various businesses in a variety of sectors from Health, Energy, Financial and more. IAMTEAM follows the Cybersecurity Implementation Methodology of Assessment and Identification of Applications, Users and Risks, Definition and Establishment of Policies, and Monitoring and Support. Successful implementations allowed organizations to discover, monitor and protect all privileged credentials, and manage endpoint applications.

Key Technology


  • IBM Security Secret Server (ISSS)

Solution Features


  • Discover unknown privileged accounts in your systems 

  • Vault for passwords and secrets 

  • Change passwords remotely for privileged accounts 

  • Generate built-in reports 


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