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Gain the benefits of an effective
Identity Governance Solution
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The Challenge

Businesses are always trying to efficiently manage user identities and ensure accesses are aligned to what the business needs, and the growing number of applications, customers, business partners and employees is making it more challenging. All the while, more and more organizations are forced to undergo digital transformation as they adopt a mix of on-prem and cloud applications. On top of these, remaining compliant to data regulations, like HIPAA, SOX and GDPR, is always a concern for organizations. These challenges continuously push businesses to adapt and future-proof their organization.  

The Solution

The best solution businesses can implement is a solution that connects compliance, business, and IT infrastructure. A solution that provides comprehensive user lifecycle management that can automatically provision access to new employees and customers, handles applications on-premise, or in the cloud or both, with self-service capabilities, all while being able to maintain compliance to various regulatory requirements.   

Our Expertise

IAMTEAM has a wealth of experience in implementing IAM Solutions to various businesses in a variety of sectors from Health, Energy, Financial and more. IAMTEAM follows the Cybersecurity Implementation Methodology of Assessment and Identification of Applications, Users and Risks, Definition and Establishment of Policies, and Monitoring and Support. Successful implementations allowed organizations to efficiently manage user identities, allowed IT staff to focus more on longer term tasks instead of manual and repetitive access provisioning, and maintained compliance to regulatory standards. 

Key Technology


  • IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (ISIGI)

Solution Features


  • Connect up to 3 target applications using standard, out-of-the-box adapters from the applications list   

  • Create user identities to target applications  

  • Provision and de-provision group memberships and accesses to target applications 

  • Generate of out-of-the-box reports 

  • User creation and password self-service 



  • Active Directory 

  • AIX

  • Amazon Web Services

  • CyberArk

  • Google Apps

  • IBM Security Verify

  • IBM DB2

  • LDAP Applications

  • Linux  

  • Oracle 

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • PeopleSoft

  • RSA Authentication Manager

  • Salesforce

  • SAP Netweaver

  • ServiceNow

  • TAM 

  • Windows 


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