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Gain the benefits of an effective
Access Management Solution
Image by William Iven

The Challenge

Businesses try to stay on top of cybersecurity threats around the world. Imagine, 8.5 billion records were breached in 2019, and unintentional insiders are responsible for most of it due to compromised or weak credentials. With a shortage in skills, increasing attack surface as organizations grow in terms of employees, contractors, consumers as well as devices, and as they fast-track their cloud application adoption, it becomes more and more challenging to stop cyberattacks from happening.  

The Solution

With more and more useful cloud applications being released, the best solution businesses can implement is a solution that allows an organization to securely access these cloud applications, as well as traditional, on-premise ones, while catering to an expanding internal and external population of users, and multitudes of devices.  

Our Expertise

IAMTEAM has a wealth of experience in implementing IAM Solutions to various businesses in a variety of sectors from Health, Energy, Financial and more. IAMTEAM follows the Cybersecurity Implementation Methodology of Assessment and Identification of Applications, Users and Risks, Definition and Establishment of Policies, and Monitoring and Support. Successful implementations allowed organizations to securely access their legacy on-premise applications, as well as new cloud based applications, ensuring productivity across their increasing number of users, anytime, anywhere using any device.  

Key Technology


  • IBM Security Verify

Solution Features


  • Secure up to 10 applications from the Application List

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) to protected applications 

  • Authenticate users through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 

  • Federation to well-known cloud-based applications 



  • Adobe Cloud

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Box

  • Citrix

  • Concur 

  • DocuSign

  • Google Apps

  • HCM 

  • JIRA

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • NetSuite

  • OrangeHR 

  • Salesforce 

  • ServiceNow

  • Tomcat Servers 

  • Wordpress Servers


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