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Smart Access Management and Authentication

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Access Management

Access Management

At its core, controlling user accesses requires the system to ensure that the users are who they say they are and that they have the appropriate permission to access the resource and system.


In the current business setting, we have employees, contractor, partners and consumers within the same IT environment, accessing them through multitudes of devices. With the environment expanding to private or public cloud, resources are growing outside the traditional network boundaries.


An Access Management (AM) Solution allows organizations to take back control and manage access across different scenarios. It allows for frictionless access for low-risk users while protecting against higher risk scenarios, ensuring seamless user experience.

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Password is Dead

Using only standard passwords is inherently risky, especially in how cyberattacks are perpetrated today. Passwords are no longer the only way to authenticate, and with advancements in technology, there are other more reliable and more secure authentication methods.


of people use the same password for multiple or all accounts

A 2019 online security survey by Google identified that 65 percent of people use the same password for multiple or all accounts


of hacking-related breaches is due to brute force or compromised password

According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report, brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials are responsible for 80% of hacking-related breaches.

There are over 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts to our cloud services every day.

By providing an extra barrier and layer of security that makes it incredibly difficult for attackers to get past, MFA can block over 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks.


of compromised password attacks can be prevented by Multi-Factor Authentication

Take Control of Accesses

IAMTEAM Access Management Services allow you to take full control and manage user access in your IT landscape, without sacrificing security nor user experience, to enhance your security posture and operation efficiency. 


Provide access to resources based on dynamic risk assessment or confidence level of transaction using behavioral and contextual data analytics


Authenticate users based on what they know, what they have, and what they are.


Conveniently access multiple applications by logging in once


Securely connect and exchange data with external data sources, cloud-based systems, and partner applications. 


Design and implement an enterprise directory for central authentication and authorization


Consolidate disparate data sources without migrating data to a single repository


Consolidate authentication in Active Directory – including UNIX

Our Experience

Our experience in implementing Access Management solutions span across multiple industries. Here are some of our most notable projects.

Improved productivity in a North American Insurance company

Deployed  an Access Management Solution which allowed employees to securely log on to numerous web applications with ease, improving on the previous process of manually logging into each individual web applications at a time and effectively increasing employee productivity.

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Access Management and Authentication improvement in an international bank

Implemented Single Sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication for employees. Improved the productivity of the users through a seamless user experience, as well as improving the security through an easy but secure means of authentication.

Access Management solution for an insurance company

IAMTEAM's Access Management solution managed the access of users to several applications, ensuring they can easily access them by just logging in once through Single Sign-on.

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Building the Pillars of Access Management

Our approach revolves around people, process and technology. It is based on the central pillars of a true Access Management and Authentication solution


Identity is at the core of IAMTEAM's Access Management solution. It functions as the central tenet of our Zero Trust​ approach.

  • Prevent unauthorized access to key resources by unidentified users

  • Allow modern ways of authentication to confirm users are who they say they are



Context is key in a modern access management solution. It factors in risks involved in allowing access to users.

  • Dynamically assess full users, device and environmental context through MFA

  • Continuously authenticate across the digital journey

  • Allow seamless access for low-risk users while protecting against high-risk ones through SSO.



Organizations today have multiple sets of users that are accessing on-premise our cloud based resources through multiple devices. IAMTEAM's Access Management solution can help with all that.​

  • Look into your current IT landscape and implement the best solution to your access management pain points

  • Securely connect any user to any resource

  • Serve both workforce and consumers


AM Quick Start

The IAMTEAM Access Management Quick Start allows you to utilize an enterprise-class Access Management solution in your environment at ZERO COST.   

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What's Included

  • Trial license of IBM Security Verify (formerly known as IBM Cloud Identity) for 30 days

  • Professional services to setup and configure standard product features​​

    • Single Sign-on (SSO) to protected applications 

    • Authenticate users through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 

    • Federation to well-known cloud-based applications 

  • Remote technical support ​during the trial period

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About IBM Security Verify and IBM Security Verify Access

Access Management On-Premises or in the Cloud

IBM Security Verify (formerly known as IBM Cloud Identity) and IBM Security Verify Access (formerly known as IBM Security Access Manager) help you simplify your users' access while more securely adopting web, mobile, IoT and cloud technologies. It can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, in a virtual or hardware appliance or containerized with Docker. Verify Access also directly connects with Verify SaaS for a modernized, hybrid IAM approach to enable your organization's migration to identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) at a comfortable pace.


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Context is King

Smart Access Management and Authentication​

Organizations today have multiple sets of users. Employees, contractors, partners and consumers all need access to critical resources and they access them through a variety of ways – through smartphones, tablets or notebooks. And as we evolve and utilize more and more resources in the cloud, we are no longer bound by traditional network boundaries, exposing us to numerous new threats. And while IT teams deploy multiple tools to help manage the risk involved in having a modern, heterogenous environment, cybercriminals may turn this chaos into their own malicious gain.


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